Greatest Cons From Around The World

Have you watched Now You See Me? If so you’ll know that not only are they great magicians whom they claim to be but they are also great con artists! There have been a large number of con artists and their cons that have been reported all around the world and they have even inspired certain movies as well. Regardless of it con artists are smart, skillful and tactful. And not anyone call pull off a great con and not anyone can catch a con artist either. But here are a couple of cons that have been reported and con artists that were arrested for them; This is a good situation that proves not everything that is expensive is that great! In the year 2008 and Iphone app named I am rich was released and was priced at $999.99. What’s funny is that it did nothing impressive at all regardless of its price. Around 8 people had purchased the app only to see it did nothing but show a picture of a glowing red gem in the middle of your screen. This app was available for 24 hours and was eventually removed. Two customers demanded for refunds while the remaining six ended up paying for nothing! Although they could have hire a private investigator Sydney to solve the case and get their money back it seemed a fruitless task to engage in and was a lost cause.

With the help of insurance claims investigator and citizen support Frank Abagnale was detained for passing bad cheques worth $2.5 m in 26 countries. He pretended to play the roles of an airline pilot, a doctor, a teacher and even a lawyer and deceived everyone who were involved in the path of achieving his tasks! I must say though the guy certainly has skill! His con even managed to inspire the movie Catch Me if You Can! But he was ultimately caught in France and handed over to the authorities that had him jailed for some time and eventually released with the condition of helping out authorities to help solve the crimes related to fraud and con artists. Abagnale and Associates, a financial fraud consultancy firm was later on formed by him in order to protect the corporate world from such mishaps that occur.

Who would believe that the Eiffel Tower was being sold for scraps? But when you’ve got the great skill of convincing, anyone would believe it! Victor Lustig was a Bohemian born citizen who had impersonated as a government official that was selling the Eiffel Tower as scrap metal. Monsieur Poisson the highest of 12 bidders in the year 1925, was so disgraced once he figured out it was a scam and didn’t alert the authorities either, while Victor escaped with a suitcase full of cash!

Charles Ponzi was the founder of the Ponzi scheme. According to this, he had guaranteed a couple of New England investors a 40 percent return for their investment in just 90 days. His main aim was to make use of the exchange rate differences to buy and sell mail coupons with a return. He took $1m from a number of investors, as those that invested kept increasing. But once his scheme tumbled down it was found that he had only purchased mail coupons only worth $30 and this was what the entire scheme was based on. This scheme even led to more modern and developed cons done by other con artists. The world truly is a scary place with a lot of risks. With the help of right professionals and more alerted citizens certain crimes and cons could even be stopped. So think twice before investing and buying things!