Making Your Own Path; Jobs For Millennials

It has been observed that millennial’s prefer to create their own jobs than look for one themselves. This can be because of a number of reasons. For one, millennial’s value their independence and want to have the freedom to explore their passions. Other socio-economic reasons also contribute to this, such as the job crisis and low employment rates leaving a lot of youth with no other choice but to find their own means of making an income. In addition to this, technology has also facilitated this trend because the internet has become on of the most popular places where the people of this generation find work. 

If you belong to this generation you too can make your own way, and we have a list of graphic design jobs that are perfect for you.


Blogging is a very good way of combining your interests and making money. There are a number of platforms where you can share your interests in a way that can be monetised. You will have to have a skill for writing or taking photographs and sharing your interests in a way that people will want to engage in.

Once your blog becomes more established you can monetise it by allowing advertisements. You can also feature various products on your blog. For example if you have a successful fashion blog, a designer would be willing to pay you to wear their product or feature it in one of your articles. Furthermore travel bloggers get paid to go on vacation and to promote various travel destinations on their blogs.

Web designers

If you want a more structured line of work you can find web developer jobs online where you design websites or certain aspects of websites for your clients. You will have to market yourself in order to find more work as your demand will depend on your existing body of work. This will make it hard for you to get started but once you have established yourself you can charge premium prices for your work.

Content creators

There are many content creators on websites like YouTube. They create music and comedy sketches and tutorials that people love to watch. These can also be monetised through advertisements. The more views you can garner the more you get paid. Therefore if you become a content creator, in addition to creating original and interesting content you should aim to get more subscribers for advertising jobs and more viewers to watch your videos because this is what will your income will depend on at the end of the day.